Biology Day image

Labs open to guests:

Science Building (on campus):

Room             Research Topic                                           Host                 

Room 111      Electron Microscopy Lab                             Dr. Bill Saidel

Room 202      Neurobiology Lab                                        Dr. Joseph Martin

Room 210      Plant Physiology                                          Dr. Simeon Kotchoni

Room 215      Worm Biology                                              Mr. Ralph Saunders


Waterfront Technology Center (shuttle bus):

Room             Research Topic                                           Host               

Room 510      Circadian Rhythms/Biofuel Lab                  Dr. Bala Koritala

Room 510      Ecology                                                       Tiffany Lutz and Ryan Walker

Room 510      Ecology                                                       Dr. Amy Savage

Room 520      Fly Developmental Biology                         Dr. Nir Yakoby

Room 520      Sea Urchin Gene Regulatory Network        Dr. Jongmin Nam

Room 520      Next Generation Sequencing Lab               Mr. Spyros Karaiskos

Room 520      Confocal Microscopy Lab                            Ms. Nicole Pope

Room 520      Bacteriology                                                 Dr. Eric Klein