Students will apply to research laboratories (up to three) in the Biology Department. This year, we have 11 laboratories available for you (brief description of each lab available below). After a successful interview with the faculty member, students will spend few hours per week (1-4 hours depending on the agreement between the student and the professor) in the lab for interacting with the professor and graduate students in the laboratory.

Students are not expected to perform experiments nor do lab chores (e.g. dish washing). If the professor permits, students may assist a simple task assisting the on-going project.

Time table: Application widow: February 7, 2020 starting at 9 a.m. through February 23, 2020 closing at 5 p.m. 

Complete the form below and click “Submit”. Lab options are below the form.

Follow the instructions and the application period strictly. Faculty members are asked not to interview when the applicant package is not complete.

  • Resume (1-page) and Cover Letter/Personal Statement (maximum 1page) as email attachments. Use the .pdf file format.
  • Include your LinkedIn account link in the resume.
  • Use your email address.
  • Spell check the text
  • Ask a couple of people for proofreading your application package.

Interview will be scheduled during February 24 – February 28.

Professors will send the list of accepted students to the instructor by 5pm February 28.

Interview result will be notified to the students by 9am March 5th.

Shadowing duration: March – April.

  • Student Information

  • Student Credentials

  • PDF files only, up to 2 MB in size.
  • PDF files only, up to 2 MB in size.
  • Lab Preference

  • Lab descriptions can be found below this form.
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Lab options (choose 3)

Lab 1 with Angélica L. González

Areas of Special Interest: food webs, nutrient dynamics, global change, and meta-analysis in ecology 
Email address:
Office Phone: (856) 225-6445 
Office: Waterfront Technology Center, Room 510 

Lab 2 with Andrey Grigoriev

Areas of Special Interest: Genome organization, evolution and manifestation; cancer 
Note: research in this lab is purely done on a computer. When applying, please mention your computer skills. 
Email address: 
Office Phone: (856) 225-2960 
Office: SCI 205 

Lab 3 with Jinglin Fu

Areas of Special Interest: Bio-mimetic assembly system and biochemical circuits for molecular sensing
Email address:
Office Phone: (856) 225-6612
Office: Joint Health Science Center, Room 120

Lab 4 with Kwangwon Lee

Areas of Special Interest: Genetic/Molecular mechanisms of circadian clock (24-hr biological clock) regulation and Evolution of transcriptional network for carbon metabolism.
Email address: 
Office Phone: (856) 225-2624 
Office: Waterfront Technology Center, Room 510

Lab 5 with Joseph V. Martin

Areas of Special Interest: Hormonal regulation of GABAa receptor, brain activity and sleep
Email address:
Office Phone: (856) 225-6165
Office: SCI 202-A

Lab 6 with Kimberlee Moran

Areas of Special Interest: fingerprinting, human remains, decomposition, forensic entomology, environmental profiling, crime scene investigation, bioarchaeology 
E-mail address: 
Office Phone: 856-225-6156 
Office: SCI 302 

Lab 7 with Xingyun Qi

Areas of Special Interest: Plant stomatal development, abiotic stress, salinity, drought, cold
Email address:
Office Phone: (856) 225-6642
Office: JHSC 303D

Lab 8 with Bill Saidel

Areas of Special Interest: Brain science, structure and function, biological signal processing 
Email address: 
Office Phone: (856) 225-6336 
Office: Science Bld., Room B-4/B-6 

Lab 9 with David Salas de la Cruz

Areas of Special Interest: Morphological and physicochemical properties of protein/polysaccharides biocomposites during enzymatic degradation.
Email address: 
Office Phone: (856) 225-6147 
Office: Science Building Room 200A

Lab 10 with Amy Savage

Areas of Special Interest: community ecology, population ecology, urban ecology, global change biology, species interactions (especially mutualisms), and invasion biology. 
Email address:
Office Phone: (856) 225-6698 
Office: Waterfront Technology Center, Room 510 

Lab 11 with Nir Yakoby

Areas of Special Interest: Developmental genetics
Email address: 
Office Phone: (856) 225-6150 
Office: Waterfront Technology Center, Suite 520, 200 Federal St., Camden, NJ