Current students have access to three different advisors: Professional Advisors, a Faculty Mentor, and a Peer Mentor.

Professional Advisers

The professional advisers in the FASC Office of Academic Advising advise undergraduate students in the College of Arts and Sciences and University College. 

General Advising

Student last names A-M
Francis Clark, Assistant Dean
(856) 225-6043

Student last names N-Z
Kyle Jenkins, Assistant Dean
(856) 225-6043

Honors College students

Krista Wehlen
Assistant Dean
Gabriel Molina 
Assistant Dean
Brian K. Everett
Assistant Dean

Career Advising

Cheryl A. Hallman, Assistant Dean
Director of Career Center
(856) 225-6046

The advisors in the Career Center ( provide practical advises, training, and support for finding jobs with your Biology degree:

Health Professional Advising

Medical schools, Physician’s Assistance Program, etc.
Cheryl A. Hallman, Assistant Dean
Director of Career Center
(856) 225-6046

Honors College students
Laura Collins, M.A., Assistant Dean, the Honors College
Lecturer, Department of Psychology
(856) 225-2584

Teacher Preparation

Ann Heidelberg
(856) 225-6051

Teacher certification in the State of New Jersey is undergoing significant transformation. To meet new demands, the Rutgers Camden Teacher Preparation Program requirements are changing as of the Fall 2018 semester.  Coursework on advisement sheets are valid only for those that have been officially admitted to the TPP no later than September 30, 2017 and have all courses completed by Fall 2018. To be admitted, students need a 3.0 Rutgers GPA, passing Praxis Core scores, and an appointment with the TPP staff no later than September 30, 2017. 

If you would like more information, please contact the Teacher Prep Program at 856-225-6051 to schedule an appointment and visit our website:

Peer Mentor

Peer mentor is a senior student with much experience in our program. You may tweet your questions to Alessio Russomanno (@RUC_PM) or email

Faculty Mentor

Faculty mentors are experts in their academic disciplines. Students may get advise from the faculty mentor on biology discipline-specific questions.

Current students can find the assigned faculty mentors by class year and by last name of the student:

Faculty Class Year Student’s Last Name
Sayers 2020 A-G
Shain 2020 H-O
Yakoby 2020 P-Z
Dighton 2021 A-G
Grigoriev 2021 H-O
Gonzaléz 2021 P-Z
Savage 2022 A-G
Klein 2022 H-O
Torregrosa 2022 P-Z
Qi 2023 A-G
Paulson 2023 H-O
Saidel 2023 P-Z