Seminar date and time: Thursdays, 12:45-1:45 PM

Location: All seminars will take place at the Joint Health Sciences Center seminar room on the 1st floor. On the following dates, the seminar will take place in the CNS Lecture Hall 1st floor: October 7, November 11, 18.

October 14th Randy Morgenstein (OSU) (JHSC)

October 2st Jason Heindl (U Sciences) (JHSC)

October 28th Stewart Newfeld (ASU) (JHSC)

November 4th Tali Gidalevitz (Drexel) (JHSC)

November 11th Andrey Grigoriev (Rutgers-C) (CNS)

November 18th Victoria Abraira (Rutgers-NB) (CNS)

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