Biology Day image

  1. The Effect of Increased Heat on the Dietary Preferences of Prenolepis imparis
    Ourania Nikolaidis, Katrina DeWitt, Rachael VanCuren, Claudia Vaca, Kaitlyn Nordaby
  2. Synergistic Effects of Temperature and Pollution on Brine Shrimp
    Nana Amponsah, Adejumoke Oyinlola, Tanya Patel, Michelle Quach, Ayesha Saleem
  3. Ecosystem Recovery: The Impact of Harvester Ants on Fire-Damaged Soil
    Yennhi Vo, Michelle Abdmessih, Juan Perez, Nathanael Ganthier
  4. The Effects of Temperature on Vanessa cardui Wing Size
    Dionna Kennelly, Jarad Grigg, Asli Tabaru, Keaton Sentak
  5. The Role of Melanin to Support the Growth of a Cell Under Environmental Conditions
    Ngoc Pham, Rachel Bourne, Amber Martin, and Zoe Mickens
  6. Melanin in Fungus Versus UV Radiation
    Marquis Jefferson, Anthony Jericho, Winchell Julien, Ashley Rinehardt, and Irvin Lark
  7. Effect of Exogenous Ecdysone on Fertility of Male Drosophila melanogaster
    Rachel Carr, Peyton Conrey, Marina Mikhail, Veronica Rosselli, Angela Wollard
  8. Interspecific Competition for Resources Between S. cerevisiae  and B. bruxellensis
    Shaunna Como, Quyne Rider
  9. Enhancing Cold Tolerance with Proline and Arginine
    Marissa Monaghan, Javier Zelaya, Madison Trimarco, Mia Di Lolle
  10. Copper Toxicity in Acanthocyclops robustus
    Joshua Gil, Brett Vaccaro, Shawn Rykaczewski
  11. Effects of Antibiotic Use on Oral Microbiome-Mycobiome Interaction
    Nila Colon-Street, Kelsey Felts, Nicholas Mangano, Bianca Patel, Joanna Wirkijowski
  12. Effects of Fire on Ant Feeding Ecology and Abundance in the NJ Pinelands
    Danielle Genay
  13. Mutualism Under Threat? Potential Implications of Climate Change for Ant-Seed Dispersal Mutualisms in the NJ Pinelands
    Megan Rhone
  14. The Relationship Between Local Arthropod Diversity and Ant Feeding Preferences in an Urban Setting
    Abhi Ajit
  15. Nutritional Ecology of Urban Ants: a Follow Up Study Regarding Diet Choices, Water Webs and Water Content
    Mario Rivera B
  16. Insect Community Structure Along an Elevation Gradient
    Morgan Kelly
  17. Stochastic Resonance and the Jamming Avoidance Reflex in Weakly Electric Fish
    Archi Shah
  18. Brain Regions Active During Female Orgasm
    Ashley Lewis
  19. Ecological Impact of Invasive Vertebrates on Nutrient Dynamics
    Angela Wollard
  20. Identification of Unknown Leech Specimens
    Rianna DeLuca
  21. Characterizing the Quantitative Genetic Elements of Conidiation
    Morgan Dwyer
  22. Global Patterns in Vertebrate Elemental Content
    Alexis Brickner
  23. Arthropod Diversity Across an Urban to Rural Gradient
    Alexa Martinelli
  24. Identification of Fire-Adapted Fungal Species in the New Jersey Pinelands
    Cynthia Nieves
  25. Identifying and Characterizing the Genetic Components of Stalk Formation and Regulation of the Gram-Negative Bacteria Caulobacter crescentus
    Kevin DeYoung
  26. Function and Development of Eggshell Structures Between Drosophiladae Species
    Marina Mikheil and Nguyen Nguyen
  27. On the Occurrence of Mixed Synapse: The Source
    Fatima Er
  28. Study the effect of food starvation on the eggshells of Drosophila nebulosi
    Mia Di Lolle
  29. Variations in body-size relationships of fossil arthropod assemblages (50 kyrs to present): insights from packrat middens found in the Atacama Desert (Chile)
    Rachael Vancuren
  30. Mapping spatial learning in the teleost brain, through use of behavioral trials and cytochrome oxidase histochemistry
    Grace Loussakou and Christina Curran-Alfaro