Biology Day image

  1. William Myers and Julia DeFeo
    Neurospora crassa Exhibits Only Slightly Impaired Growth in Unburned and Burned Oil-contaminated Media Regardless of Hydrophobin Expression
  2. Harjit Khaira, Trisha Trinidad, Jackson Luu, Shariq Khan, and Noah Crockenberg  
    Measuring the Effects of Early Life Stress on Late-stage Anxiety Behavior in Drosophila
  3. Jennifer Le, Isabella Slack, Mariam Shehata, Aman Singh Rathore              
    The Effect of Ethanol on Nociception in Drosophila melanogaster
  4. Anna Liang         
    The Effects of Thyroid Hormones and their Derivatives on Body Temperature and Physical Activity in Mice
  5. Veronica Rosselli            
    Identifying Reporters of Surface Sensing in E. coli
  6. Samantha Schofield       
    Effects of Fine-Scale Habitat Complexity on Arthropod Species Diversity in High Stress Environments
  7. Lioubov Voronova and Leslie Demark     
    Mapping Spatial Memory in a Fish
  8. Alison Belonzi, Zavior Masters-Thomas, Nachaliz Rodriguez, and Justin Smith       
    Common Misconception, Does Frequency of Cleaning Affect Bacterial & Fungal Growth?
  9. David Carroll, Leanne Hall, Shancelyn Hernandez-Inoa, Don’tea Robinson, and Stephanie Santiago
    Fungal Growth on Various Breads Overtime
  10. Kayla Burgess, Chelsea Guarrera, Jacob Martin, and Gerardo Palillero      
    Pothos Progress in pH: Pothos Palooza
  11. Marc Carroll, Rebecca Krause, Myles Marshall, Tamia Taylor, and Tayliyah Truong              
    Variations of Rust Removers Overtime
  12. Ivy Tran
    Identifying the Enzymes Secreted by White-rot Fungi in the Degradation of Plastic