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vBio Day Agenda

10:30 – 11:00am: Information Sessions

  • Admissions Information Session
    Interested in Rutgers–Camden? Join the Admissions office for a live information session. A Q&A chat with Admissions will be available throughout the event on May 1.
  • Biology and MARC Program Information Session
    Dr. Fried will go over the basics of our Undergraduate Biology program and also go over the MARC U*STAR program, which provides training, support, and mentorship for undergraduates from underrepresented backgrounds interested in pursuing a PhD in the biomedical sciences with the ultimate goal of enhancing diversity in the biomedical sciences.

11:00 – 11:10am: Welcome to Virtual Biology vBio Day!

11:10 – 11:45am: Session A Presentations

Click on a project Title to enter each virtual booth. Live Zoom event presentations and Q&A will take place in Zoom Breakout Rooms on Saturday, May 1. 

Room # Authors Title
A1 Sienna Casciato Characterizing Genetic Mechanisms for Measuring Day-Length in Neurospora crassa (click to preview)
A2 Taqdees Gohar Sex Differences in Working Memory in the Rats (click to preview)
A3 Julianna Jimenez The Use of Barr Bodies to Determine Sex in Samples of Forensic Significance (click to preview)
A4 Harjit Khaira Characterizing Genetic Mechanisms Involved in Photoperiodism in Drosophila melanogaster (click to preview)
A5 Shariq Khan Investigating the Role of Sleep on Acute and Chronic Pain Responses in Drosophila melanogaster (click to preview)
A6 Anna Liang Identification, Quantification, and in vivo Effects of Thyronamine Analogues of Catecholamines in Sprague Dawley Rats (click to preview)
A7 William Myers Regulatory Cross-Talk Between Protein Occupancy and DNA Methylation in Escherichia coli (click to preview)
A8 Anthony R. Monte Carlo III Investigation of G-Quadruplex Mimicked Enzyme Kinetics for Molecular Sensing (click to preview)
A9 Kiyoshi Woods The Development of a High-Speed Rat Pain Ethogram (click to preview)

11:50 – 11:55am: Intermission “coffee break”

11:55am – 12:30pm: Session B Presentations

Click on a project Title to enter each virtual booth. Live Zoom event presentations will take place in Zoom Breakout Rooms. 

Room # Authors Title
B1 Hosen Arman Identification and Characterization of the Phase QTL Genes (click to preview)
B2 Christopher Cummings,
Emily Fabricante,
Jennifer Lim,
Malaika Mahmood,
Fadwa Mohamed
CBD’s Mechanism In Producing Pain Relief in Drosophila melanogaster (click to preview)
B3 Sarah A. D’Angelo,
Kiyoshi Woods,
John Crespo
Chronic Pain’s Role in the Survivability of Drosophila melanogaster
B4 Julia DeFeo Evaluating the Effects of Wild and Prescribed Fire on the Taxonomic and Functional Diversity of Soil-Dwelling Arthropods in the New Jersey Pinelands, a High-Disturbance System (click to preview)
B5 Gianna-Rose DiDonato Relating Genomic and Phenotypic Differences Between Brown Bears and Polar Bears (click to preview)
B6 Stephanie Emerson,
Humaira Khan,
Teresa Osorio,
Lisa Traczyk
The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Memory Retention in a Drosophila melanogaster Alzheimer’s Model (click to preview)
B7 Jennifer Le Identification of Stomatal-Related, T-DNA Mutants in Arabidopsis thaliana (click to preview)
B8 Sujay Ratna High Resolution Profiling of EGFR Mutations in Glioblastoma Patients using an Ultrasensitive Digital PCR Approach (click to preview)
B9 Neha Sharma,
Olaseinde Fakolujo,
Anjali Patel
Effects of the Consumption of Artificial Sweeteners in the Behavior of Drosophila melanogaster
B10 Michael Johnson, Shaina Valentin Boswellia serrata as an alternative treatment decreases chemical nociception in a Drosophila cancer model

12:30 – 12:45pm: Introduction to new MARC fellows, remarks on graduating MARC fellows

12:45 – 1pm: Rapid-fire presentations and live voting

1 – 1:50pm: MARC Keynote Speaker

  • Dr. Donita Brady, Associate Professor, Department of Cancer Biology, University of Pennsylvania (lab website).

1:50 – 2pm: Closing remarks and student prize announcements