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Isabella R. Baduini, Nathan T. Fried (faculty)


Humans suffer from chronic pain worldwide from a variety of multiple factors. Some of these factors such as lack of sleep can negatively impact one’s health. Multiple research publications suggest sleep and pain share a reciprocal relationship. One’s pain can be the result of the quantity and quality of sleep, which corresponds to the onset of nociception. The common observation seen in people who suffer from sleep deprivation has a decrease in pain threshold and tolerance. In the United States, chronic pain is a significant health issue and concern.

Primary objective: To adopt the thermal assay and determine variability levels in latency observed in behaviors of Drosophila larva. Our hypothesis Drosophila larvae exposed to thermal noxious stimuli will have a significant increase in sensitivity dictated by a decrease in sleep will be further tested in sleep-inbred panel (SIP) lines.

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