All official University announcements (including announcements sent to biology majors) are sent via email to the email address listed for you in the Rutgers Online Directory. If you are not listed in the Online Directory — or if the listed email address is one you don’t check — then you most likely will not receive important announcements such as class cancellations, registration deadlines, free ticket opportunities, events on campus, and so on.

To be listed in the Rutgers Online Directory you must first establish a Rutgers computer account. In the computer labs (such as Room 131 and Room 108 in the Business & Science Building) the computers are set up to guide you through the process. Alternatively, you can establish an account online by visiting the Camden Computing Services homepage, and at the top of the right column clicking on “Creating a Computer Account and NetID.” Then follow the instructions for Camden students.

To view your listing in the Rutgers Online Directory, go to the Camden Campus’s homepage, click on “Search Rutgers” (in the left margin), and type in your own name. After viewing your listing, you can make changes including the option of having your Rutgers email forwarded to another email address — one that you check often. The bottom line: don’t miss the news!

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