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Presented by Esma Duka and Tali Reiner-Brodetzki

Winter ants (Prenelepis Imparis) are a species of ants in North America that usually forage during late winter and early spring, unlike most ants. A study found that Camden is right on the border of two Winter ant populations, the Northeast (NE) and South(SO) (Tonione et al. 2021). The main focus of our study is to understand the difference between urban and forest communities. It is also to determine the reason behind their differences (differing populations or locations). This tool will allow us to distinguish between the two Winter ant populations genetically. Our tool will allow us to identify whether or not ants of different locations are within the same population which in turn will allow us to understand the ecology of urban communities and forest communities. We are looking at winter ants in this area to understand the ecology of urban populations.

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