Dear Biology Major students, or students who might consider Biology as a major:

You are invited to the Undergraduate Biology Town Hall meeting, free period (12:20-1:20) on September 4th at the Large Lecture Hall in the Science Building

One of the main topic of the meeting is to go over the course requirement for the Biology major. There is a major change in the course requirement for the Bachelor of Science in Biology. Please mark your calendar and attend the meeting. 

In short,

  • Class 2015 – Class 2017 : Nothing changed in the course requirements. Students have an option to use the new set of requirements, but cannot mix of the old and new sets of requirements.
  • Class 2018 and beyond : New set of course requirements. 
  • Transfer students : Gen Bio 101 and 102 course credits cannot be transferred from other colleges. If a student have taken those courses in other schools, you have to take the exempt test and pass the test to transfer the course credits. PPBR course (spring semester) is required to take within one year of transfer. If a student is planning to graduate in the year 2018 or later, one has to follow the new set of course requirements.

Dr. Kwangwon Lee, Director of Undergraduate Biology, wants to hear from you, and answer any question that you might have for the Biology program at Rutgers University–Camden.