Eric Klein has multiple publications from his research lab dealing with bacterial microbes.

  • Stankeviciute G. and Klein, E.A. Purification and HPLC Analysis of Cell Wall Muropeptides from Caulobacter crescentus. Bio-protocol. (2019), 9(21): e3421.
  • Klein, E.A. Bacterial sphingolipids: Perhaps not as rare as we thought? ASBMB Today (2019).
  • Stankeviciute G., Guan, Z., Goldfine, H., Klein, E.A. Caulobacter crescentus adapts to phosphate starvation by synthesizing anionic glycoglycerolipids and a novel glycosphingolipid. mBio. (2019), e00107-19.
  • Stankeviciute G., Miguel, A.V., Radkov, A., Chou, S., Huang, K.C., Klein, E.A. Differential modes of crosslinking establish spatially distinct regions of peptidoglycan in Caulobacter crescentus. Mol. Micro. (2019), 111(4): 995-1008.