2024 Biology Day Senior Thesis Elizabeth Hardy

The Department of Biology hosted it’s 11th annual Spring Biology Day that hosted former alum, Christina Curran-Alfaro, as the keynote speaker. With over 100 attendees spanning alum, current undergraduates, graduate students, and students from East Side High School & Camden High School, the event was a huge success. Congrats goes out to the award winners!

  • First place for Thesis Talks: Elizabeth Hardy in the Fried Lab for “Investigating the mechanism behind aspartame-induced noxious sensitivity“.
  • First prize for Independent Research Poster: Kiley Kobsar in the Fried Lab for “Employing computational neuroethology and optogenetics to unveil both the kinematics of tactile stimulation and pain mechanisms in Drosophila“.
  • Second prize for Independent Research Poster: Caitlin Tanoue in the Savage lab for “Investigating Ant Diversity in Urban Ecosystems with High Heat Vulnerability“.
  • First prize for Course-based Research Poster: Livia Cutrim, Kiley Kobsar, and Olivia Kusza in PPBR for “Gustatory and Olfactory Inhibition on Learned Pesticide Avoidance in Drosophila Melanogaster“.