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Department Chair
Daniel Shain

Department Secretary
Janet Caruso
(856) 225-6497

Undergraduate Biology
Kwangwon Lee

Graduate Biology
William M. Saidel

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Student Spotlight

We R Arts and Sciences: Junhao Dong

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Featured Faculty

Jongmin Nam

The major research focus of my laboratory is on regulatory elements that control gene expression during sea urchin embryo development.
Posted at 2:21 pm February 20, 2014, in Featured Faculty

Bill Saidel

My interests lay in exploring the rules embedded in the functioning nervous system and how the nervous system is built and functions to allow successful behavior.
Posted at 4:16 pm October 11, 2013, in Featured Faculty

Eric Klein

Dr. Klein joins us from Princeton University, where he was a post-doctoral researcher in the Department of Molecular Biology. While at Princeton he studied novel mechanisms of prokaryotic protein subcellular localization and organelle development.
Posted at 11:27 am August 26, 2013, in Featured Faculty

Nir Yakoby

My lab studies mechanisms of cell fate determination. We also study mechanisms of morphological diversity among different Drosophila species.
Posted at 12:26 pm August 20, 2013, in Featured Faculty

Kwangwon Lee

Kwangwon Lee
My lab studies how and why quantitative changes occur in complex biological phenotypes, such as 24-hr (circadian rhythms) biological rhythms and number of progeny using a model organism Neurospora crassa.
Posted at 4:19 pm January 24, 2013, in Featured Faculty