Student Research

Our undergraduate students’ research posters will be on display during Biology Day. Below is a list of their research topics:

  1. Effects of Bt maize on the mortality of crickets
    Merve Ozbas, Sung Kim, Mario Rivera and Michael Dumont
  2. Effects of alcohol on embryonic development of sea urchins in relation to fetal alcohol syndrome
    Katherine Hernandez and Haley Duncan
  3. The effects of silica nanoparticles on aquatic monocots vs dicots
    Justin Rhee, Abhishek Ajit, Clarissa Kristie, and Eric Ma
  4. The effects of trimethylamine n-oxide on the induced stress response in Caenorhabditis elegans
    Cynthia Nieves, Michelle McCarthy, Shannon Cline, Aubrey Otis and Zoe Mickens
  5. Evolutionary pressure on metapleural gland secretions in ants adapted to different geographical regions
    Erika Donaldson, Daniel Jerezano and Kelsey Snyder
  6. Using luminescence of Pyrocystis Lunula as an indicator of water quality in contaminated water and waters around Camden, NJ
    Khyati Lad, Elif Patan, Enise Patan and Archi Shah
  7. Role of melanin pigment in UV-resistance
    Karolina Badilla and Caroline Espina Bueno
  8. The effect of sodium chloride in grass closer to the road versus the grass further away from the road
    Rewan Morssi, Troy Mulligan and Shaeen Saai
  9. Survey of Annelid Populations in South Jersey
    Julia Manchester and Shannon Bonn
  10. A hidden ecosystem service: terrestrial arthropods and food security
    Rachel A. Carr
  11. Phosphate starvation leads to lipid modifications in Caulobacter crescentus
    Michael Bamimore
  12. Identification of genes involved in stalk elongation in Caulobacter crescentus
    Kevin DeYoung
  13. Student exploration of biostatistics through critical evaluations of science reporting
    Nia Nikolaidis
  14. Is there an urban feeding syndrome for ants? Experimental tests in U.S. cities
    Danielle Genay
  15. Assessments of heavy metals in soils: An analysis across an urban to rural gradient in South Jersey
    Zachary Cook
  16. Functional metabolic network of cold stress tolerance in green algae
    Shaima Munira
  17. Building a library of random DNA sequences to discover non-natural regulatory elements
    Bianca Patel
  18. Mycorrhizal root associations and arthropod diversity across an urban to rural matrix
    Alexa Martinelli
  19. Respiration Through the Drosophila Eggshell
    Marina Mikheil
  20. Using EGFR Inhibitors to manipulate Drosophila and Scaptomyza eggshells
    Nguyen Nguyen
  21. Urban environment effects on the heat tolerance of ants
    Taylor Sims
  22. Characterizing the quantitative genetic elements of conidiation in Neurospora crassa
    Morgan Dwyer
  23. Brain regions active during female orgasm
    Ashley Lewis
  24. Effects of ant bioturbation on soil density in the NJ Pinelands
    Megan Rhone
  25. Effects of fire management on arthropod community structure at Warren Grove Gunnery Range, New Jersey
    Claudia Vaca
  26. Histological examination of clitellum secretory cells in the ceech Erpobdella obscura
    Fatima Er
  27. Caught in the web: spiders and their webs as pollution sensors
    Katrina Dewitt
  28. Conformations of amyloid beta aggregate’s: beta sheets and beta barrels
    Shaun Tung
  29. Molecular modeling of a probe in 2D IR spectroscopy
    Anthony Cooper
  30. Computational study of the effect of pseudo-phosphorylation and phosphorylation on protein Tau
    Dmitriy Prokopovich
  31. Learning how to perform a meta-analysis in ecology
    Angela Wollard