The following course requirements will be effective until year 2017. Those who intend to graduate after 2018 should follow the new course requirements described here.

Requirements of Biology Major

The requirements for the biology major fall into four categories. Basic courses provide the academic foundation of the major, core courses ensure a comprehensive understanding of the principal areas of biology, electives allow in-depth examination of areas of particular individual interest, and a senior seminar provides an opportunity to critically analyze the primary research literature of the discipline and to present results publicly in oral and written form. Depending on the particular courses taken, the number of credits required for the major will total 71-76.

Basic Courses
The following courses totaling 36 or 37 credits are required of all biology majors.

50:120:101, 107 General Biology I (3) and Laboratory (1)
50:120:102 General Biology II and Laboratory (4)
50:160:115-116, 125-126 Chemical Principles I,II (3,3) and Laboratory (1,1)
50:160:335-336, 339-340 Organic Chemistry I,II (4,4) and Laboratory (1,1)
50:640:130 Calculus for Business, Economics, and Life Sciences (3) or 50:640:121 Unified Calculus I (4)*
50:750:203-204, 205-206 General Physics I,II (3,3) and Laboratory (1,1)

Core Courses**
All biology majors must take laboratory courses in five primary areas, totaling 20 credits.

50:120:305-306 Molecular Biology (3) and Laboratory (1) or 50:160:325,329 Analytical Chemistry (3) and Laboratory (1)
50:120:307-308 Genetics (3) and Laboratory (1)
50:120:341-342 General Physiology (3) and Laboratory (1) or 50:120:366-367 Plant Physiology (3) and Laboratory (1)
50:120:351,353 General Ecology (3) and Laboratory (1) or 50:120:422 Ecology of Soil Organisms (4)
50:120:360 Developmental Botany and Laboratory (4) or 50:120:374-375 Vertebrate Embryology and Laboratory (4)

Elective Courses
All biology majors must take at least four elective courses (and their attendant laboratories if required or desired) from the 300-400 level biology or biochemistry course offerings (3-4 credits each, totaling 12-16 credits).

Some biology graduate courses (500 level) may be taken as electives by advanced undergraduate students provided they have a minimum grade-point average of 3.0, have completed the necessary prerequisites, and have the permission of the instructor.

The following 200-level biology course will also fill this requirement, but only if both semesters are completed:

50:120:253-254 Anatomy and Physiology (4,4) and Laboratory

Senior Seminar
All biology majors must complete the following course before graduating:

50:120:399 Current Topics in Biology (3)
Students are encouraged to take this course in either the fall or spring of the final year of study.

* Although either 50:640:130 or 121 will satisfy the mathematics requirement, a year of calculus (50:640:121-122) is recommended for students who plan to pursue graduate studies in the biological sciences.

**These courses can be used as an elective only if you are not already using this course to fulfil the Core Requirement.