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Daniel Shain

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Janet Caruso
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Undergraduate Biology
Kwangwon Lee

Graduate Biology
William M. Saidel

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We R Arts and Sciences: Alesha Figueroa-Falcon

Alesha Figueroa-FalconAlesha Figueroa-Falcon is a person that cannot be stopped. She faced a lot of hardships growing up, but that did not stop her from tackling AP English, AP Biology, Honors Trigonometry, and Honors Physics in high school. She has won awards for her efforts, such as the Overcoming Adversity Award, given to her by the ... Read more ... Read more ...

Course Offerings

Fall 2012

Course NumberCourse*Lecturer
50:120:101General Biology IStaff
50:120:105:01Facts of Life-daySporer, Ruth
50:120:106:40Human Repro & Dev – NightStaff
50:120:107:01General Biology LabStaff
50:120:107:02General Biology LabStaff
50:120:107:03General Biology LabStaff
50:120:107:04General Biology LabStaff
50:120:107:05General Biology LabStaff
50:120:107:06General Biology LabStaff
50:120:107:07General Biology LabStaff
50:120:253:01Anat & Physio ISayers, Charlene W.
50:120:255:01Anat & Physio I labSayers, Charlene W.
50:120:255:03 Anat & Physio I labStaff
50:120:255:04Anat & Physio I labStaff
50:120:255:05Anat & Physio I labSayers, Charlene W.
50:120:305:01Molec. Biol. (Lec.)Shain, Daniel H.
50:120:306:01Molec. Biol. (Lab)Shain, Daniel H.
50:120:306:02Molec Bio (Lab)Staff
50:120:306:03Molec Bio (Lab)Staff
50:120:308:01Genetics LabYakoby
50:120:308:01Genetics LaboratoryStaff
50:120:308:02Genetics LaboratoryStaff
50:120:308:03Genetics LabSporer, Ruth
50:120:308:03Genetics LaboratoryStaff
50:120:311Human GeneticsStaff
50:120:333Advanced MicrobiologySporer, Ruth
50:120:334Cell BiologyLee, Hsin-yi
50:120:345Neurobiology IISaidel, William M
50:120:347PathophysiologySporer, Ruth
50:120:351General Ecology lecMorgan, Mark D.
50:120:353:01General Ecology labMorgan, Mark D.
50:120:353:02General Ecology labMorgan, Mark D.
50:120:366Plant PhysiologyStaff
50:120:367Plant Physiology LabStaff
50:120:376Animal HistologyMcIlroy, Patrick J.
50:120:385Weird BiologySaidel, William M
50:120:387Circadian RhythmsLee, Kwangwon
50:120:389CIRCA RHYTHMS LABLee, Kwangwon
50:120:395ST: Intro to Stem Cell ResLee, Hsin-yi
50:120:399Current Topics BiolShain, Daniel H.
50:120:534Adv Cell & Dev BiolLee, Hsin-yi
50:121:540Essentials of Integrative Biol. IGrigoriev, Andrey
56:120:505Marine BiologyVagelli, Alex
56:120:513Population GeneticsStaff
56:120:541Neuroscience LabMartin, Joseph V.
56:120:560EndocrinologyMcIlroy, Patrick J.
56:120:580Fungi in EcosystemsDighton, John
56:120:597ST: Ion ChannelsBell, Thomas
56:121:550Bioinformatics IStaff
56:742:540Neuroscience (Lec & Lab)Martin, Joseph V.

* Subject to change. The Registrar has the most up-to-date scheduling information.
** Credit by arrangement with Instructor; course also available in Summer Session. ***course also available in Summer Session.

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