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Janet Caruso
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Undergraduate Biology
Kwangwon Lee

Graduate Biology
William M. Saidel

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Course Offerings

Fall 2012 | Spring 2013

Spring 2013

Course NumberCourse*Lecturer
50:120:102 General Biology II Staff
50:120:105:01 Facts of Life-day Sporer, Ruth
50:120:106:40 Human Repro & Dev – Night Quinty, Timothy
50:120:108:01 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:108:02 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:108:03 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:108:04 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:108:05 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:108:06 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:108:07 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:202:01  day Understanding Environmental Problems Morgan, Mark D.
50:120:254:01 Anat & Physio II Sayers, Charlene W.
50:120:256:01 Anat & Physio II lab Sayers, Charlene W.
50:120:256:02 Anat & Physio II Lab Staff
50:120:256:03 Anat & Physio II Lab Staff
50:120:256:04 Anat & Physio II lab Sayers, Charlene W.
50:120:310 Evolution Sporer, Ruth
50:120:330 Gen Micro Lee, Kwangwon
50:120:331:01 Gen Micro (lab) Lee, Kwangwon
50:120:331:02 Gen Micro (lab) Sporer, Ruth
50:120:331:03 Gen Micro (lab) Staff
50:120:338 Immunology & Serology Sporer, Ruth
50:120:341 General Physiology McIlroy, Patrick J.
50:120:342:01 General Physiology Lab McIlroy, Patrick J.
50:120:342:02 General Physiology Lab Staff
50:120:342:03 General Physiology Lab Staff
50:120:347 Pathophysiology Staff
50:120:360 Developmental Botany Staff
50:120:361 Developmental Botany Lab Staff
50:120:374 Vertebrate Embryology Lee, Hsin-yi
50:120:375:01 Vert. Embryo Lab Lee, Hsin-yi
50:120:375:02 Vert. Embryo Lab  Lee, Hsin-yi
50:120:399 Current Topics Biol Shain, Daniel H.
50:120:422 Ecology of Soil Organisms Dighton, John
50:120:423 Ecology of Soil Organisms Lab (with TA) Dighton, John
50:120:480 Recombinant DNA Technology Staff
50:120:Special Topics ST: Microscopy from Photons to Electrons Saidel, William M
50:120:Special Topics ST: Developmental Biology lab Yakoby
56:120:525 Advanced Aquatic Ecology Morgan, Mark D.
56:120:575 Neurochemistry Staff
56:120:583:01 Molecular Mechanisms in Developmental Genetics Yakoby
56:120:Special Topics ST: Issues in Brain and Behavior Saidel, William M
56:121:551 Bioinformatics Staff 

Fall 2012

Course NumberCourse*Lecturer
50:120:101 General Biology I Staff
50:120:105:01 Facts of Life-day Sporer, Ruth
50:120:106:40 Human Repro & Dev – Night Staff
50:120:107:01 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:107:02 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:107:03 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:107:04 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:107:05 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:107:06 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:107:07 General Biology Lab Staff
50:120:253:01 Anat & Physio I Sayers, Charlene W.
50:120:255:01 Anat & Physio I lab Sayers, Charlene W.
50:120:255:03  Anat & Physio I lab Staff
50:120:255:04 Anat & Physio I lab Staff
50:120:255:05 Anat & Physio I lab Sayers, Charlene W.
50:120:305:01 Molec. Biol. (Lec.) Shain, Daniel H.
50:120:306:01 Molec. Biol. (Lab) Shain, Daniel H.
50:120:306:02 Molec Bio (Lab) Staff
50:120:306:03 Molec Bio (Lab) Staff
50:120:307:01 Genetics Yakoby
50:120:307:01 Genetics Staff
50:120:308:01 Genetics Lab Yakoby
50:120:308:01 Genetics Laboratory Staff
50:120:308:02 Genetics Laboratory Staff
50:120:308:03 Genetics Lab Sporer, Ruth
50:120:308:03 Genetics Laboratory Staff
50:120:311 Human Genetics Staff
50:120:333 Advanced Microbiology Sporer, Ruth
50:120:334 Cell Biology Lee, Hsin-yi
50:120:345 Neurobiology II Saidel, William M
50:120:347 Pathophysiology Sporer, Ruth
50:120:351 General Ecology lec Morgan, Mark D.
50:120:353:01 General Ecology lab Morgan, Mark D.
50:120:353:02 General Ecology lab Morgan, Mark D.
50:120:366 Plant Physiology Staff
50:120:367 Plant Physiology Lab Staff
50:120:376 Animal Histology McIlroy, Patrick J.
50:120:385 Weird Biology Saidel, William M
50:120:387 Circadian Rhythms Lee, Kwangwon
50:120:389 CIRCA RHYTHMS LAB Lee, Kwangwon
50:120:395 ST: Intro to Stem Cell Res Lee, Hsin-yi
50:120:399 Current Topics Biol Shain, Daniel H.
50:120:534 Adv Cell & Dev Biol Lee, Hsin-yi
50:121:540 Essentials of Integrative Biol. I Grigoriev, Andrey
56:120:505 Marine Biology Vagelli, Alex
56:120:513 Population Genetics Staff
56:120:541 Neuroscience Lab Martin, Joseph V.
56:120:560 Endocrinology McIlroy, Patrick J.
56:120:580 Fungi in Ecosystems Dighton, John
56:120:597 ST: Ion Channels Bell, Thomas
56:121:550 Bioinformatics I Staff
56:742:540 Neuroscience (Lec & Lab) Martin, Joseph V.

* Subject to change. The Registrar has the most up-to-date scheduling information.
** Credit by arrangement with Instructor; course also available in Summer Session. ***course also available in Summer Session.