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Daniel Shain

Department Secretary
Janet Caruso
(856) 225-6497

Undergraduate Biology
Kwangwon Lee

Graduate Biology
William M. Saidel

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We R Arts and Sciences: Junhao Dong

Junhao Dong“I felt so excited that my passion for science, my curiosity for the unknown, was supported by a real scientist,” says Junhao Dong. Read more ...

Featured Publication

John Dighton

John Dighton Publication
Chemical characterization starch and starch:lignin filma using micro-attenuated Total Rweflectance Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (micro-ATR FTIR)
Posted at 10:38 am October 1, 2013, in Featured Publication

Nir Yakoby

The Drosophila BMPRII, wishful thinking, is required for eggshell patterning.
Posted at 2:21 pm September 10, 2013, in Featured Publication

Kwangwon Lee

Asexual and sexual developments of Neurospora crassa on natural substrates.
Posted at 12:56 pm August 14, 2013, in Featured Publication

John Dighton

John Dighton Publication
The effect of mercury on the establishment of Pinus rigida seedlings and the development of their Ectomycorrhizal communities.
Posted at 10:34 am July 1, 2013, in Featured Publication

Daniel Shain

Phylogeny and clitellar morphology of the giant Amazonian earthworm Rhinodrilus priollii (Oligochaeta: Glossoscolecidae).
Posted at 4:23 pm April 20, 2013, in Featured Publication

John Dighton

Impacts of forest post thinning residues on soil chemistry, fauna and roots: Implications of residue removal in Finland.
Posted at 9:36 am April 11, 2013, in Featured Publication